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How to Use a Lint Remover to Extend the Life of Your Coats

by EasyLint Staff 26 Feb 2023 0 Comments

As the winter months roll in we turn to our coats to keep us warm and cozy. We usually spend more on a quality coat that will last longer and keep us warm. It is frustrating when a coat we invested in starts to accumulate pills and fuzz, which can make them look worn out and shabby. But as soon as we start removing the debris we quickly give up as it would take us the whole day to complete the task. Fear not, there is a solution to that! Using a lint remover on your coat will save you so much time while at the same time, it can significantly extend the coat’s lifespan and improve its overall appearance.

Why Should I Use a Lint Remover?

Lint removers are particularly effective for removing lint and pilling from wool and other natural fibers, which are commonly used in coats. These materials are prone to shedding and pilling, especially in high-friction areas like the sleeves and underarms. Pilling occurs when the fibers rub together and become tangled, resulting in tiny balls of fuzz that cling to the surface of the fabric. An unpleasant sight indeed! Lint removers work by gently scraping the surface of the fabric to loosen and remove these fibers and balls of fuzz.

Aside from improving the appearance of your coats, using a lint remover can also help keep it in good condition for longer. Lint and pilling can weaken the fibers of the fabric, which makes it more prone to tearing and getting damaged. By removing this debris, you can help preserve the strength and integrity of the fabric, reducing the risk of damage and prolonging the life of your coats.

Most importantly, using a lint remover can also help you save money in the long run. Coats are a significant investment, and replacing them can be costly. By taking care of your coats and using tools like lint removers to maintain their appearance and condition, you can help extend their lifespan and save money on replacements.

Steps for Using a Lint Remover on a Coat

If you've never used a fabric shaver on your coat before, here are some tips to get you started:

1. Choose the Right Fabric Shaver

Before you start using a fabric shaver, it's essential to choose the right one. There are many fabric shavers on the market, and it is best to choose one that is suitable for your coat's fabric type. Generally, a fabric shaver with a large head and a powerful motor will work best on coats. Check out EasyLint fabric shaver which is ideal for coats as well as other types of clothes, bedding, and furniture.

2. Prepare the Coat

Before using the fabric shaver, you'll want to prepare your coat. This means removing any excess dirt, dust, or debris with a lint roller or a soft-bristled brush. This step is important as it will prevent the fabric shaver from getting clogged with debris, making it less effective.

3. Choose a Suitable Location

To use the fabric shaver effectively, you'll need to choose a suitable location. You'll want to use the fabric shaver in a well-lit and well-ventilated area. A clean, flat surface will also be helpful, as it will prevent the coat from moving around while you're using the fabric shaver.

4. Test On an Inconspicuous Area

Before using the fabric shaver on your entire coat, it's essential to test it on an inconspicuous area. This will ensure that the fabric shaver is safe to use on your coat and won't cause any damage or discoloration. Once you're sure that the fabric shaver is safe to use, you can move on to the rest of the coat.

5. Use the Fabric Shaver

To use the fabric shaver, place the coat on a clean, flat surface. Hold the fabric shaver at a 90-degree angle to the coat and gently move it across the fabric. Be sure to work in small, circular motions and apply gentle pressure. You should also be careful around buttons, zippers, and other embellishments, as they can be easily damaged.

6. Clean the Fabric Shaver

As you use the fabric shaver, it will collect fuzz, pills, and lint. To keep it working effectively, you'll need to clean it regularly. To do this, turn off the fabric shaver and unplug it. Remove the lint container or filter and empty it into a trash can. You can then use a soft-bristled brush or a cloth to clean the fabric shaver's blades. Be sure to clean it thoroughly before using it again.

7. Finish Up

After you've used the fabric shaver, give your coat a final once-over with a lint roller or a soft-bristled brush. This will remove any loose fuzz or debris that may have been missed. You can then hang your coat up or store it in a garment bag to keep it looking its best.

As you can see, using a fabric shaver is an easy way for you to clean the debris that accumulated on your coats. It is time efficient, economic, and satisfying. Rest assured that investing in a lint remover such as EasyLint will maintain your coats’ appearance and condition, while also helping you save money in the long run. With little effort and the right fabric shaver, you can be sure that you will be looking fresh and new during the upcoming winter season.


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